adam walker

6 WEEKS IN KYIV (2018)

6 Weeks in Kyiv begins with a handwritten table documenting Uber journeys undertaken during a six week period in Kyiv, Ukraine. Transcribed from the app, the table includes drivers' first names in Cyrillic script along with their 'rating', journey details, my own fluctuating rating as a passenger, and a few additional notes.

This table is part of the arttext, both in original taped-together paper form, and also as an actual size scanned image on a large monitor in front of me.

I read out the list of journeys and their details. The sound of my voice is then taken via microphone into a virtual vocoder built in the open source visual programming language Pure Data, which can be seen projected on and behind me. The sounds of my voice, rendered into digitised data, become the inputs to this vocoder, triggering frequencies and synthesised sounds to play alongside a distorted, delayed echo of my voice.

6 Weeks in Kyiv at NEoN Digital Arts Festival (Dundee, 2019)
(Photos by Kathryn Rattray for NEoN):

performance at NEoN Digital Arts Festival performance at NEoN Digital Arts Festival

6 Weeks in Kyiv at Flight Mode (Asylum, London, 2018)
(Good headphones or speakers recommended):

handwritten table of Uber journeys