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17TH JULY 2018:

Article about forthcoming 'undertitled' project as part of Tyneside Cinema's Projections series here

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Forthcoming exhibition.
Performing at Asylum on 28th June, and exhibiting at Assembly Point from 28th June - 1st July.

Following the sparks of last year's inaugural research show, researchers at the Royal College of Art have come together again to invite you into the glorious chaos of our research activity. What we present to you in FLIGHT MODE is a conversation in pause. Having thrown the ball up in the air we wait for it to land, watching it arc and form its descent together.

As the School of Arts and Humanities we take many forms, we are joined not by medium or discipline but by a compulsion to investigate. Through discourses that transmutate from the page to the stage, from whispers in lecture seats to whatsapp chats and scribbled on notes, our research is boundless.

The distinctiveness of this show is that as researchers our practices and approaches form the crux of our quests. We open up a peephole and invite you to look in, to witness the pulsing organism of contemporary arts-based research today. We are the unfinished article, unresolved, vulnerable, in a state of unknown or not-yet-fully-known. We ask you to come in with us, behind the curtain, take the temperature for yourself. What we offer you is our search, our individual hunches, our driving forces, held together by a slippery circumference of obsessive curiosity, a liquid state of research.

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Forthcoming symposium, including a live performance:

Vision's Bleeding Edge poster

Short video about my participation in the SWAP UK/UKraine residency and exhibition.

16th March 2018: Exhibition opening at Yermilov Centre, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

SWAP poster