adam walker

IT WILL BE OK (2016)

Developed during our joint research residency at Camden Arts Centre in June 2016, It Will Be OK is a text/sound work with unknown potential performance. The work drew on our matrix of shared interest (see below), and formed our own activation of Agency / Autonomy / Automation, the 2016 Get the Message exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, which we had curated.

Collaboration with Emma McGarry


The space, with materials ready for use and bearing marks of previous activations (we had invited other artists, school groups and Open Barbers hairdressers to make use of it - walls could be pasted, blackboards written on, and materials re-arranged):
[Photo by Hydar Dewachi]

the space

It Will Be OK taking place:
[Photo by Hydar Dewachi]

the performance underway

The space later set up for a seminar:

arranged for seminar