adam walker


STATESCAPE∞ takes the form of a trailer for a non-existent film exploring a hypothetical computer game. The work, and fictive game within it, take as their starting point Mezhyhirya, the palatial former home of deposed Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych, in its myriad physical, imagined, historical, represented, political, virtual, economic and personal forms. Connected through these networks, the site and our encounter with it becomes a lens through which to examine broader questions of inequality, aspiration and care; questions within which we are all fluidly situated.

4 min 35 sec moving-image with accompanying text

Collaboration with Vicki Thornton

Accompanying text

A presentation of STATESCAPE∞ in Kyiv in 2019 included attempts to play a game with a deck of blank cards. Pens were provided to distinguish cards, and any rules or framework had to be continuously collectively agreed (or disagreed) upon.

The game in play The game in play The game in play