adam walker


undertitled is a three-channel video, comprising a diverse montage of found footage cut over two human voices. One expresses utopian optimism and faith in the technological future, while the other recounts their mundane, repetitive, outsourced work 'teaching' algorithms. Later an artificial voice, perhaps of the machine itself, joins. Subtitles are the only on-screen presence of the voices heard, initially accurate but becoming fragmented.

The found footage is periodically interrupted by documentation of a previous live performance iteration of undertitled within Tynside Cinema, Newcastle, where camera-operators wear screens on their chests displaying text directly addressing the audience. (A composite video is given below.)

16 min 48 sec moving-image

Collaboration with Vicki Thornton

The live performance at Tyneside Cinema:

image from the perfromance at Tyneside Cinema


undertitled still 1 undertitled still 2